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Thursday, October 23, 2014 9:13 PM -last updated

The Island’s Health Minister and Chief Medical Officer say Saint Lucia’s is ensuring that it is as prepared as it can possibly be for Ebola.

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Dr. Jules talks sub-regional response to Ebola

The OECS Director General says a region wide plan on Ebola is being fine tuned to ensure that the OECS is as prepared as it can be for the threat of the virus.
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Law enforcement officials discuss Ebola prep

Emergency services officials, law enforcement and customs officers met with Health officials on Thursday, to discuss the national Ebola plan.
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Tourism on board with Ebola action plan

A suspected Ebola case in the Caribbean region would likely spell disaster for the tourism industry which is the backbone of many economies in the region.
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- Clint Mathurin makes first court appearance
- Dr. Preville confident ahead of convention
- High level meeting on commercial arbitration
- Another saint Lucian turns 100
- MASL to hold media self-regulation meeting
- NIC cops toastmasters award
- Privatisation of Christmas tree production

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