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December 02nd 2011
Last Updated Friday, December 2, 2011 8:09 PM

  -Deputy PM sworn in
Story by Winston Springer

Newly elected Castries East MP Phillip J. Pierre took the oaths of office as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport in the presence of Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy at Government House on Friday afternoon.

With his right hand on the bible, Pierre took the oath of allegiance and the cabinet oath.


He will act in the absence of Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony who left the island Friday afternoon for a one day meeting of Caribbean and Latin American Leaders in Venezuela. Pierre is best known as the experienced Tourism and Commerce minister in the previous SLP administration from 1997 to 2006. He acknowledges managing the works portfolio will be a unique challenge particularly with the new government’s emphasis on post hurricane Tomas reconstruction.

In keeping with the constitution a new Prime Minister would appoint an attorney general as the first cabinet post. However Dr. Anthony’s attendance at the regional meeting has necessitated the appointment of a deputy to act in his absence to ensure a line of succession. The Castries East MP who has served for many years as the deputy of the Saint Lucia Labor Party says he is ready for the responsibility of leadership whenever he is called upon to serve. 

Pierre and Dr. Anthony, the Vieux Fort South MP are the only two SLP parliamentarians with a wealth of experience in cabinet. Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony who is expected to return to Saint Lucia on Sunday morning will reportedly complete the appointment of the cabinet of ministers early next week.

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  -Election ends
Story by Sant Justin

The official count is complete for the November 28th general election. Following the closure of polls on Monday- a preliminary count gave the St. Lucia Labour Party a 10-7 majority. On Tuesday the Official count began and ended Thursday evening with an 11-6 majority for the SLP. Gros Islet winner Emma Hippolyte was declared one day after Alvina Reynolds won the day in Babonneau; both women are members of the SLP.


The final count for Gros Islet gave Emma Hippolyte a 7 vote majority - 5241 votes compared to 5234 for Montoute. Chief Electoral Officer- Carson Raggie says the information will now be placed into the hands of the islands Governor General.

Raggie says at this point- an appeal can still be made by an opponent not satisfied with the results. Talk has been swirling of the UWP filing injunctions against the 2 seat majority given to Reynolds in Babonneau and the 7 seat for Hippolyte in Gros-Islet. Raggie says appeals must be done through a petition delivered to the courts in 21 days of the official count.

On Wednesday- Dr. Kenny Anthony – the SLP Leader was sworn in as St. Lucia’s new Prime Minister.
This is his third term serving in that office.

  -ONE on elections
Story by Sarah Peter

The Organization for National Empowerment has cautioned the new government against any mismanagement and bad governance while in power.

The St. Lucia Labour won the November 28th general elections by 11 seats to 6. ONE Chairman, Peter Alexander says the SLP’s campaign was effective and efficient and has congratulated the new government for their victory. 


He nevertheless has warned the Kenny Anthony administration that if they ever slip up, his party will be there to condemn and stand against any questionable behavior. Alexander further pointed out the recent revocation of the visas of former Housing Minister; Richard Frederick contributed to the UWP defeat.

Alexander also believes some members of the former King administration hierarchy wanted Frederick to not contest the 2011 General Elections. He says the choice to stay with the re-elected Castries Central MP contributed to the defeat of the United Workers Party at the polls.

The St. Lucia Labour Party won the General  Elections by eleven seats namely  Gros Islet, Babonneau, Castries East, Castries South, Anse-La- Raye/ Canaries, Soufriere, Choiseul, Vieux-Fort North, Vieux-Fort South, Laborie and Dennery North. The UWP currently holds six seats namely Castries North, Castries Central, Castries South East, Dennery South, Micoud North and Micoud South.

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  -Flood on matter
Story by Lovely St.Aime Joseph
  Michael Flood says he remains the Director of the National Housing Cooperation for two reasons – first a new board has not been appointed and secondly, he has not been terminated. Flood says on Thursday he received a call to come into the NHC to sign salary checks.  After signing the checks, Flood says he left the building and proceeded to the city. However, before he got to town he was pulled over by police who searched him for government documents.

Flood says the officers who pulled him over informed him he was being searched for government documents which he reportedly took out of the NHC. Flood says while he does not believe that Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony sanctioned what he calls victimization – he has called on him to call off Labor Party operatives who he says are out for blood.

However ACP Crime Frances Henry says the police search had nothing to do with politics. ACP Henry says the police was acting on information received – adding the police force has a job to do – one which supersedes political lines. Michael Flood was appointed under the previous UWP administration.

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  -New LIME package
Story by Lovely St.Aime Joseph

LIME has announced upgrades to its broadband and cable services. Vice President of country operations, Chris Williams, says LIME Digital TV customers will soon be enjoying an additional 30 channels, and new customers will be getting a minimum of 110 channels when they sign up for the company's Digital TV Basic Pack. Due to these additions, the monthly charge for the Basic Pack will increase from December 1st by $5, from the current $62.50 to $67.50.


Customers who previously subscribed to the Extended Basic Pack will now save $60 per year on subscription fees.  Williams says LIME is giving more capacity, speed and value on its broadband packages. Meanwhile - LIME customers all stand a chance at winning the company’s Christmas promotion: “gift of a lifetime’.
Among the prices the telecoms company has announced is plans to give away landline, internet, mobile and Digital TV services for forty years.

  -SLP victory rally
Story by Sarah Peter

The St. Lucia Labour Party is inviting all St. Lucians to join the governing administration at the Beausejour cricket grounds this coming Sunday for the party’s victory rally. SLP General Secretary, Leo Clarke says all St. Lucians should come out in large numbers to join the new government in celebration.

Clarke says the SLP is extremely grateful to its supporters who helped them attain victory.

  He has called on them to come out in their entire spectacle to help them celebrate that victory at the recent elections.   The St. Lucia Labour party says the rally will include a lot of prayers as well as performances from several acts including Teddyson John and Invader.

General Elections was held on Monday November 28th. The St. Lucia Labour Party won that contest 11-6. 

  -ARC boat arrives
Story by Lovely St.Aime Joseph

The World Cruising Club says after 11½ days at sea, it was a spectacular finish for the first two ARC boats crossing the finish line in Rodney Bay. The grand finish on Thursday night was separated by just over an hour.

Managing Director of the World Cruising Club, Andrew Bishop says an additional two boats have also arrived on island with more expected before the end of the weekend.


Bishop says the ARC has been challenging for the cruisers with none able to beat the ARC record. Also - some of the boats arriving at the IGY marina have moved on to other islands due to mechanical problems.

Bishop says a small group of crewmembers has held small scale welcome parties for the boats and their crew.
The Saint Lucia Tourist Board will host the official welcome party for the ARC on Wednesday 7th December 2011.

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  Deputy PM sworn in
  Election ends
  ONE on elections
  Flood on matter
  New LIME package
  SLP victory rally
  ARC boat arrives

The preliminary count takes places immediately after general elections. At that point – a preliminary winner as was the case on Monday with the SLP is declared. Constitutionally – that preliminary count is followed by the official count where winners for each of our 17 constituencies are declared. For 15 of the seats – that came on Tuesday; in Babonneau and Gros-Islet the recount took days longer. While Babonneau ended one day before Gros-Islet, the preliminary winner in that contest was changed.
In Gros-Islet – the winner did not change. But with rejected ballots being given a second glance and winners and margins changing – do you trust the winners that were declared particularly in those two seats were accurate and true.

Are you satisfied clear winners were declared in the November 28th general elections?
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