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  Weekend stabbing
Story by Sant Justin

One man was murdered over the weekend during a mass crowd event on Sunday. Dead is 19 year old Neil Timaitre who was stabbed to death on Sunday evening. Police Press Relations- Trevor Constantine says the details are still sketchy as investigation continues. The family – who calls the deceased a good person is still in shock over the incident. Portia Timaitre says the young man did not deserve this fate.


Casey Timaitre - who is also a cousin of the deceased, remembers her last conversation with him.   The police are appealing to the public or anyone who has information about the incident to report it to the major crime unit by calling 4563754 or the Gros Islet police station at 4563836. The police have also expressed concern at the direction crime has taken in the country with the rise in stabbing incidents coming in the midst of the carnival season. This is the second fatal stabbing in less than two weeks.


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  Police warning
Story by Winston Springer

Acting Police Commissioner, Vernon Francois says law enforcement will be proactive during the carnival celebrations and the public can expect a heavy police presence at the various concerts and events.
He says the law enforcement officials have outlined a strategy to maintain law and order. The Central Intelligence Unit of the police force has also put together a pamphlet with useful security tips..


The Acting Police Commissioner says the police force would like St. Lucians to have an enjoyable carnival.
He has also sent a stern warning to criminals and would be law breakers who plan to use the season of merriment as cover to carry out illicit activities.

Francois warns that the police force will not only be taking a tough stance against hardened criminals. He explains that although carnival provides the forum for revelers to free their inhibitions law enforcement will not tolerate civil disobedience and behavior that is not incompliance with the laws of the country.

The Acting Commissioner advises that members of the public and revelers get a copy of the carnival security pamphlet prepared by the Police force. He says law enforcement will do all in its power to facilitate an incident free carnival but St. Lucians must also be vigilant.

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  Homosexuality in schools
Story by Sarah Peter
  Education Minister Arsene James says that homosexuality is a reality. He believes there is nothing wrong with having discussions on the matter in the island’s schools. The disclosure comes weeks after former Chief Medical Officer Dr. Stephen King cited a health study conducted by the Pan Health Organization (PAHO) which indicates that many children have homosexual tendencies and confusions during puberty. Dr. King believes that discourse on the topic will help lessen confusion and guide

students. Weighing in on the matter the Ministry of Education says including conversations on homosexuality in sex education at schools is not far fetched. The debate comes a month after a female student was allegedly sexually assaulted by three other females at a secondary school on the island. However, the issue has received fierce opposition from some sectors of the society. The National Principals Association says introducing discussions on homosexuality in school would do students more harm than good.

The renewed debate on the controversial topic comes amid news of the legalization of gay marriage by the New York legislature on Friday, the sixth state in the U.S to enact such a law. However there is still vehement opposition to any discussion on the matter of homosexuality and calls for the legalization of gay marriage. 
Law makers in the U.S state of Tennessee enacted legislation that makes it illegal to even utter in the word “gay” in Tennessee schools. Recently for the first time ever the UN endorsed the rights of all gays and lesbians.

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  -Alvina Reynolds launched
Story by Sarah Peter

“Better Days are coming, with Labour” was the promise made by the St. Lucia Labour Party. The assurance came at Sunday’s launch of SLP candidate for Babonneau, Alvina Reynolds. The candidate laid out her plans for her constituency – promising to listen and work with the people of Babonneau to provide jobs, better health care, assistance with home repair, housing, education and other social development programs. She also called on her followers to get ready for the fight.


Political Leader, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony was full of praise for Reynolds and expressed pride at having her on Team Labour 2011. During his closing address to the Labour faithful gathered at the Babonneau Multi-purpose court - Dr Anthony promised to make changes to the present tax system if voted into government. The next general elections are constitutionally due for the latest in April 2012.

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  -Semi-finalists named
Story by Sant Justin

Eighteen calypsonians have been selected for the semi-final round of the Calypso Monarch competition.
The Chairman’s Reserve Take over Tent held the final quarter final on Sunday- and have two qualifiers.
Chairperson of the St. Lucia Calypso Association 2009- Caron Tobierre says this year’s preliminary round was a tough one for the judges. Tobierre says a judging panel of seven selected the semi finalists.


There are six women and twelve men in the semi-finals including five former Calypso Monarchs. Tobierre says this is a critical part of the calypso competition where 36 of the best songs for the season will compete for one of nine final spots. The semi finals which were originally scheduled for Vieux-Fort will now be held at the National Cultural Centre this coming Saturday July 2nd. The next round of competition – the calypso finals will be held for the first time at the Beausejour Cricket Grounds.

The 18 semi-finalists grouped by tent are from the Ambassadors calypso tent Morgie, Bingo, Jynx and Educator.
From the new De Soca-lypso Revue Blaze – from the Soca Village International Niki D, Walleigh, TC Brown, Robbie, Supersweet, Lady K and Ti Carro. The South calypso tent has 4 semi-finalists – Menell, Nintus, Animator and Duval and from the Take Over Tent there is Herb Black and Saralee.

  -EMT training
Story by Sarah Peter

Fire Officers are currently undergoing an Emergency Medical Technician Recertification Exercise from the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus.  Over thirty candidates are taking part in the program. The participants will be tested on several aspects related to the provision of emergency medical care with candidates expected to be certified and accredited for a three years.


Director of the Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Services Program at the University of the West Indies says more importance needs to be placed in Emergency Medical Services and training in the Caribbean. Dr Simone French this is particularly important in a Tourism Destination. She added that a lack of adequate medial facilities can be a major disincentive for potential visitors.

In preparation for the recertification exercise the officers underwent a one week Refresher Training Programme which was conducted by local instructors. The training course is being held at the UWI Open Campus on the Morne.

  -SLASPA aviation training
Story by Sarah Peter

A sub regional Aviation Security Workshop got underway Monday at the Bay Gardens Hotel. The workshop was hosted by the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation and SLASPA in conjunction with the Organization of American States, OAS. The three day workshop will allow participants to analyze effective presentation skills in the delivery of aviation security.   Chief Aviation Officer at the Ministry of Tourism, Eustace Lee Cherry has praised the initiative.


A number of regional partners participated in the workshop including Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados and St. Kitts and Nevis. OAS representative, Shervonne Culmar says the project is very important in building collaboration among aviation officers.

The program is facilitated by International Analyst Elizabeth Neal and Instructional Systems Specialist Irina Terehoff. The workshop is being held at the Bay Gardens Hotel.

  -Rotary donation
Story by Sant Justin

The Rotary Club of St. Lucia is continuing to work towards the creation of a Mobile Youth Clinic. The Clinic was the brain child of Dr. Stephen King. Since adopting the idea - the Rotary Club has been raising funds towards its establishment. On Saturday June 25th- the Rotary Club received a grant donation of $220,000 from the Van Geese Foundation towards the Unit. Past President of the Rotary Club- Malcolm Charles says the Rotary Club is now ready to solicit


support from other organizations in its efforts. Charles is also a representative of the Van Geese Foundation and expressed much delight to be part of this initial stage of the initiative. He says the mobile service is important and will focus on containing the frustration of the youth. Charles says the Rotary Club hopes to have the Mobile Youth Clinic open by the end of the year.

  Weekend stabbing
  Police warning
  Homosexuality in schools
  Alvina Reynolds launched
  Semi-finalists named
  EMT training
  SLASPA aviation training
  Rotary donation

The Education Minister has added his voice to that of RISE Director Dr Stephen King in calling for homosexuality discourse in schools. Speaking earlier this month – Dr King quoted a PAHO study that said children begin having questions about homosexuality during puberty. He suggested therefore that discussing it would go a long way in educating rather than leaving them mired in confusion.
While the Principals Association has not weighed in on whether they support these discussions – the groups President is concerned that people who would broach the topic may not be best qualified to teach it.

Should the issue of homosexuality be introduced to schools?

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