News Stories - May 30th, 2011
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  Augier school
Story by Desmond Collymore

Infuriated parents from the Augier combined school are continuing to express their frustration over a long standing problem at the institution. On Monday parents marched on the street close to the school with placards demanding the school be rid of the pests they say are caused by neighbouring chicken farms.



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  Sir Stanislaus James dead
Story by Carmy Joseph

Former Saint Lucian Governor-General Sir Stanislaus Anthony James has died. A statement released by his family says he passed away at home on Thursday May 26th. Sir Stanislaus served as head of state from October 10th 1988 to May 31st 1996. He also served as Permanent Secretary in several government Ministries and is credited as the key architect in the establishment, organization and development of St. Lucia.


According to the government web-site – Sir Stanislaus was responsible for conceptualizing and implementing youth development and community programs and projects which saw the establishment of youth clubs, sports and community centres and playing fields Island –wide. He also played a major role in the establishment of the National Provident Fund Scheme, which is the forerunner to the National Insurance Scheme.
Sir Stanislaus – who has one of the government buildings named after him - was reportedly brought out of retirement in 1974 to establish a framework for disaster preparedness in St. Lucia and was responsible for the designing of the first comprehensive National Disaster Plan.

Sir Stanislaus is survived by his wife Lady Lucille James and four children namely Michael and Raymond James as well as Pauline James Medar and Gillian Addy.

  Homosexuality in schools
Story by Sarah Peter

Students are struggling with issues of homosexuality and need education and guidance on the matter. That’s according to former Chef Medical Officer, Dr. Stephen King. As a result – he believes sex education should include conversations on homosexuality as it is part of human sex behavior. The statement comes weeks after a female student was allegedly sexually assaulted by three other females at a secondary school on the island.


Dr. Stephen King says findings from health surveys show many children engage in homosexuality and conversation on the matter would actually lessen confusion on the issue. The pathologist by profession added that discussions at schools would also help to reduce stigma and discrimination and stop the violation of human rights against gay individuals.

The President of the Principals Association sees things differently. She believes introducing homosexuality discussions in school would just compound the uncertainty of students.

Recently the US state of Tennessee passed a "Don't Say Gay Bill," The law makes saying gay or homosexuality, let alone discussing the matter, illegal in Tennessee schools.


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  Woman claims assault
Story by Carmy Joseph

Magdalene Charles wants justice for her 61 year old mother. She says the senior citizen was physically assaulted by a male police officer stationed at Anse-la-Raye this past week-end. Charles says she was informed her mother had been arrested by Police on Friday. When she went to visit her at the Anse-la-Raye station her mother was telling her through her cell that she had been beaten by an officer.


She says the officer claimed he retaliated after the 61 year old attacked him. Another female officer told her a different story – one she says makes no sense and is not true. Charles has already taken her complaint to the Police Complaints Unit. This as she says officers at the station refused to identify the male officer who allegedly assaulted her mother. Her family has history with Anse-la-Raye Police with another case at the Complaints Unit in relation to a previous assault on her mom. She says she wants justice and is prepared to go to court to get it.

The 61 year old woman did not speak on the matter to our cameras. Her daughter carried the torn clothing she says was ripped from her mother by the male police officer.


  -Stakeholder committee appointed
Story by Carmy Joseph

The Cabinet of Ministers has established a select committee with a mandate to produce Carnival 2011. It comprises 2 representatives each from the Cultural Development Foundation, the Carnival Bands Association, the St. Lucia Steel Bands Association and the St. Lucia Calypso Association 2009. 
Also included are one representative each from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Culture, as well as a representative from the private sector. 


The Chair of the Committee is John Joseph – the Band Leader of the XS Energy Carnival band. In its Conclusion, Cabinet also approved the appointment of a Technical Production Committee comprising the Chair of the Select Committee plus Tourism officials Daune Charlery-John, Hayle Harvey and Ian Herman of the St. Lucia Tourist Board. The Technical Production Committee is also to include a representative from the Royal St. Lucia Police Force and the Castries City Council.

Cabinet in its conclusion cited as a basis for establishing the select Committee the Report of the National Symposium on Carnival which was held in January 2011, and which presented views from a wide cross-section of people involved in St. Lucia carnival.  The Committee will report the Prime Minister who is also the Minister of Finance and who in his mandate to the Committee highlighted the need to improve the production and management capacity available to St. Lucia Carnival. 

There has been no word on the impact this Committee will have on the program of activities already planned for Carnival by the CDF.


  -Gail Rigobert opens office
Story by Desmond Collymore

Although she has not been formally endorsed by the party – Micoud north candidate Dr Gail Rigobert nonetheless officially opened her constituency office on Sunday.

The learned doctor will replace independent mp Jeannine Compton Antoine on the UWP ticket at the next general elections.



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  -RISE leadership workshop
Story by Carmy Joseph

Director of rise saint Lucia INC, Dr. Stephen King is calling on members of the public to support a one day seminar on leadership and development. The initiative called “walking with giants” is aimed at generating discussion and starting the process of establishing a national network dedicated to advancing leadership.
The seminar is being held in collaboration with the St. Lucia industrial and small business association and solo-ricon ltd. Dr.


Bramwell Osula- a lecturer on global leadership and entrepreneurship at regent university is scheduled to make a guest appearance at the event.  RISE St. Lucia is also looking to collaborate with the regent university school of global leadership and entrepreneurship in an annual national event focusing on leadership and development. The “walking with giants” seminar will be held at the NIC conference room from 9 am to 4 pm on Tuesday may 31st.

  -NCF telethon
Story by Sarah Peter

The 8th annual National Telefon kicked off with a buzz of activity which included great performances from several artists and an international food fair. Many St. Lucians came out in support of the event which garnered $218,000. The money raised from this year’s national Telefon will go towards addressing problems of insufficient resources for education, food, housing and health. The money will also go towards rebuilding homes for families who lost their dwelling during the passage of Hurricane Thomas.


Miss Alfred further expressed gratitude to the business community and individuals who gave willing to the cause. Miss Alfred said a special thank you to the media, who she says significantly, assisted the initiative.

The Annual National Telefon was organized by the National Community Foundation which aims is to enhance the financial stability on the island. NCF is the brainchild of the National Insurance Corporation of Saint Lucia and was established in 2004.

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  -Nurses workshop
Story by Carmy Joseph
  Activities in observance of Nurses Week continued on Monday with a legal workshop at the Wellness Centre. Nurses Association President – Alicia Baptiste – says the activity was planned to inform nurses of their rights and that of their patients. Baptiste says because of the increasingly global environment where nurses operate – nurses need to be aware of their rights and how they can enforce them. She says interest in the workshop was very high with attendance of well over 90

nurses – the most of any workshop convened by the Association. Three speakers presented at the workshop including Bar Association President Andy George who is the legal representative for the Nurses Association. Meanwhile – Baptiste spoke of the activities that will be held this week as Nurses continue celebrating their profession.

The theme for this year’s observance of Nurses Week is “Closing the gap: increasing access and equity.”
Nurses also heard from the Chairperson of the Nurses Council and the Ward sister of the Victoria Hospital during Monday’s session.

  -Modeste Downes appeal
Story by Sant Justin
  Poet and writer, Modeste Downes is calling on the business community to provide financial assistant in publishing his book. The publication entitled Phases, is a follow up to his 2005 book of the same name. Downes, who is the winner of the 2004 George Odlum Award for creative Artsists, is hoping to publish the book in time for emancipation which is being celebrated on August 1st.

Phases is a collection of over fifty poems which includes writings which invoke nostalgia and a craving for a return of the past. Downes is receiving support from the Cultural Development Foundation and has asked anyone who would like to assist his cause to contact the CDF in order to make a contribution.

  Augier school
  Sir Stanislaus James dead
  Homosexuality in schools
  Augier parents to strike
  Woman claims assault
  Stakeholder committee appointed
  Gail Rigobert opens office –
  RISE leadership workshop
  NCF telethon
  Nurses workshop
  Modeste Downes appeal

The National Security Levy will be charged on selected goods coming into the country for a one year period. Prime Minister King announced the new tax during his 2011/2012 Budget in April. The money collected from that tax is expected to fund the national crime fighting effort. However – to date the government has not stated which goods will be charged and when the tax will take effect. The Opposition has called for more information while also stating the tax will increase the cost of food. We have been told the legislation to implement the National Security Levy is still with the Attorney General and that the government has not finalized the list of goods to be charged or exempted.

Is there need for more information from the government about the proposed National Security Levy?

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