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October 20th 2011
Last Updated Thursday, October 20, 2011 8:08 PM

  Defending the poll
Story by Lovely St.Aime Joseph

The Institute of Public Policy and Social Research is no longer a phantom organization. After releasing two election polls; both predicting victory for the Opposition SLP the organization was called ‘bogus’ by the Ruling United Workers Party. On Thursday in an exclusive interview with HTS news member of the Institute of Public Policy and Social Research, Perry Lendor says both the poll and the Institute are authentic can real.


Lendor says the poll predictions can be affected by things which may not have occurred during the time it was conducted. He points to a shift in opinion due to effective canvassing or even bribery on the part of any one party. However Lendor who is a Civil Engineer by profession, says he stands by the methodology used by pollsters.

Lendor says in Saint Lucia the idea of conducting polls is still taboo even though they are the norm in many other countries. He warns that all the political parties should take heed to the IPPSR’s poll; most importantly the fact that it points to the economy as the major issue influencing how people may vote.

  -Prime Minister on Frederick
Story by Carmy Joseph

During his address at the SLP Castries East annual conference – SLP Political Leader Dr Kenny Anthony stated his party’s intention not to stop putting pressure on the government over its decision to stand behind Richard Frederick. It followed earlier calls from the party for Frederick to resign after his two visas were revoked by the United States. Although the Minister subsequently resigned from the Cabinet –the SLP is still not


pleased he remains a candidate for the ruling UWP. Prime Minister Stephenson King says it is not up to the SLP to decide who stands as a candidate for his party. The Prime Minister has vowed to become the only other UWP leader besides Sir John Compton to win general elections while leading the party. He has expressed confidence in all 16 of his candidates – including Frederick – as he prepares to make history.

General elections are constitutionally due in March 2012. Five parties have registered to contest these elections – the UWP and SLP, NDM, LPM and the Green Party.


-The bagatelle murder
Story by Carmy Joseph


Police have launched an investigation into the death of 26-year-old, Micky Clent Frederick of Bagatelle who was shot about 2:30PM on Wednesday October 19th at Cedars, Castries. He was the 43rd person shot and killed this year. Police Press Relations Officer – Corporal Trevor Constantine – says no motive ahs been established for the incident. No one has been arrested and a post mortem has been scheduled to be performed shortly.


Police are appealing to anyone with information about this incident to contact the Criminal Investigation Department at 456-3817 or the Crime Hotline at 285-6105 or 453-9999.

  -SLP on juvenile crime
Story by Sant Justin

Although the Leader of the opposition’s policy statement on national security did not touch on Juvenile Delinquency- Dr. Kenny Anthony says the St. Labor Party does have plans to address the ongoing issue. At present- teenagers account for the majority of accused and victims of crimes including murders, robbery and assault. Dr. Anthony says his party will place a heavy focus on the Juvenile Justice System. And while he would like to relocate the


Boys Training Center - a new housing facility alone will not solve the problem. Dr. Anthony says the SLP solution will also involve changes to the sentencing process and the problem of drug consumption. The SLP released its Crime and National Security Policy on Wednesday at the Leader of the Opposition office. It was the fourth policy statement released by the Party.

  -Forestry tree plan
Story by Lovely St.Aime Joseph

The National Tree Planting Campaign by the Forestry Department has the support of many stakeholders.
Organizations participating in the tree planting campaign will plant trees, shrubs and build other physical structures such as check dams for the restoration, stabilization and rehabilitation of the forests on both public and private lands. Forestry Officer in charge of the Dennery Range, Carl Augustin, says the launch of


the tree planting campaign is also in commemoration of International Year of the Forest 2011. Declared by the United Nations General Assembly; the theme is “Forests for People, Livelihood and Poverty Reduction”.  The Forestry Department says it received an overwhelming response from various corporate organizations, civic groups and the general public who were all very keen on restoring the forests and natural vegetation.

At Thursday’s launch many trees were planted along the Barre de L’isle to help stabilize areas ravaged by Hurricane Tomas. The Department has established six flying nurseries at Forestierre, Barre de L’isle, Millet, Des Cartiere and Soufriere. These areas will supply over 150,000 forest trees and tree crop seedlings in order to meet the seedling demand for the campaign and other post Tomas restoration projects to be implemented by the Department.

The Forestry Department welcomes the efforts and commitment of every Saint Lucian in ensuring that at least one tree is planted in a degraded part of the island. The department says if this can be achieved then Saint Lucia can restore its forests to its original green state.

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  -Windjammer home donation
Story by Carmy Joseph

The home is estimated to have cost $70,000 to build but for Windjammer Landing employee Joelle Leo – it is a priceless gift. A speechless employee in the Housekeeping department of the hotel – Lee and her family of seven were the lucky recipients of the home on Thursday morning. Managing Director Mark Ozawa says the home was purchased through donations from Windjammer guests and villa owners. He says hundreds of


thousands of US dollars was given to assist Windjammer employees affected by Hurricane Tomas. Leo could barely express her gratitude. Understandably emotional – she thanked the people who made this possible. The home is located in the Marigot community of Bel Air.

  -Canadian farm workers
Story by Lovely St.Aime Joseph

Supervisor of the Employment Unit within the Department of Labor, Cynthia Spencer Francois says the Canadian Farm Program has been offered to Saint Lucians for over thirty years. During that time – it has been of tremendous benefit to many generations of Saint Lucian farmers and their families. On October 24th registration for this year’s program will begin. Francois says there is a strict list of requirements for applicants.


Interested persons must have two job and character references when coming to register for the program at the Department of Labour. Francois says the value of the Canadian Farm Program to Saint Lucians means every precaution must be taken to not jeopardize Saint Lucia’s good name and its relationship with Canada.

But Francois says many applicants are sometimes under the misguided notion the trip is the equivalent of a vacation. Not so, she says - hard work is required as the benefits accrued at the end are significant. All interested persons can begin registering at the Department of Labor on October 24th.

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  -Yardie takes on concert
Story by Sant Justin

The United Workers Party will host the United Youth Festival this coming Sunday October 23rd at Samaans Park. Speaking Sunday at a UWP rally in Anse-la-Raye Prime Minister Stephenson King spoke of the event and its intended purpose. He called it a further demonstration of his government’s commitment to youth affairs. The event will be headlined by international Jamaican reggae artistes Etana and Taurus Riley.


But while locals have also been billed to appear – one local artiste and promoter is calling foul on the whole event. Andrew “Yardie” Haynes says the show is a political ploy. He also took issue with what he says has been lack of government support for the Caribbean Youthfest – an event that is currently into its fourth year.

But Government Press Secretary Darnley Lebourne has taken issue with the criticism – calling it reckless.
And while the Prime Minister said the event was a party one - Lebourne says it will be hosted by the St. Lucia United against Crime – a government program under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The government press secretary has also described as reckless - the statements made by Haynes in relation to the event

Andrew “Yardie” Haynes has called on the government – to focus more attention on investing in local talent.
He says that would be a better move than paying foreign artistes thousands of dollars to appear in Saint Lucia.

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  -Yoplait cancer launched
Story by Carmy Joseph

Consolidated Foods Limited has launched its annual Yoplait Cancer Campaign. This is the fourth year CFL has partnered with Yoplait – a company that has been conducting similar campaigns in the region for the past 8 years. CFL Marketing Manager – Sancha Raggie-James says the campaign gives customers a tangible way to get involved in the fight against breast cancer.


The CFL Yoplait campaign is two fold. For every pink lid Yoplait yogurt sold – the company will donate a percentage to the campaign. Second – all proceeds raised from the Yoplait Walk for Cancer will be donated to the Cancer Fund that is managed by the National Community Foundation. James says although the walk was cancelled last year due to Hurricane Tomas – the company still donated $25,000 to the cause.

NCF Executive Director – Juliana Alfred says health care accounts for the second highest number of donations provided by the body. She also sounded the alarm about the increasing number of people who are seeking treatment for cancer. Alfred says the only way to fight the disease is through early detection and very expensive treatment. The CFL Yoplait campaign runs from October 1st to November 13th.

  -Social transformation forum
Story by Carmy Joseph

On Thursday the Ministry of Social Transformation began a two day forum for its development partners and agencies. The activity was one of the recommendations from a strategic vision session hosted by the Ministry in March of this year. Assistant Director in the Community Services Unit – Tazia Toussaint – says in attendance at the two day affair will be members of various Non Governmental Organizations, community organizations and young people.


This is also a good way for the Ministry to avoid duplication. By talking to various partners – the Ministry is able to ensure programs are executed in unison rather than separately with the same objectives. The forum is being held at the Gaiety in Rodney Bay. Among the documents being used at guides by participants are the National Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper and the Ministry of Social Transformation National Level Work Plan.


  Defending the poll
  Prime Minister on frederick
  The bagatelle murder
  SLP on juvenile crime
  Forestry tree plan
  Windjammer home donation
  Canadian farm workers
  Yardie takes on concert
  Yoplait cancer launched
  Social transformation forum

As we draw ever closer to the next general elections – a number of polls are predicting which party will form the next government. In some cases – various parties have used these polls to assure their supporters all will be well when all the votes have been counted. In others like the case of the IPPSR poll – questions surround the authenticity and predictions made. What impact do these polls have on the electorate and do they decide who will cast a ballot and to which party on election day?

Do you consider any of the polls predicting who will win the next general elections to be accurate?

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