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  1. can i get the article on the aduit by st jude i heard tonight

  2. Since when there is summer in the Caribbean.. i guess it is winter and it will be snowing over the weekend.. Stop that nonsense, were you all taught we have spring, summer, autumn/fall and winter. step aside with your summer festival rubbish. Be original, stop following and lead.

    • Ha ha ha ha I can’t stop laughing that is just so funny i can imagine you saying that….

    • Its the summer months duhhh!!!!! The visitors coming will be doing so in their summer duhhh!!!!!! before you write stuf and criticizef you need to bare in mind certain things

  3. UH sorry but am looking for where to post NEWS stores

  4. Yes Rehani take your cheap shots. Anyway about that epoll, they should resign if they are deemed to have done something illegal in that scandal

  5. why arrest the young lady many of those guys abuse a lot of young girls and they will continue to do so because this place has no law and no justice ,they will learn not to go after young girls and keep their dingdong in their pants

  6. Please refresh page the issue should be resolved.

  7. whats going on tonight or is it just me

  8. why didn’t you’ll show the accident in la-resource

  9. whats going on with urall IT department hts

  10. Is it only me? What has happened to the Live Stream? I was really looking forward to watching Untold Stories. SMH!

  11. OMG when when when will i ever get live news ……

  12. maybe management sleeping too not realizing there is a permanent problem ???

  13. when will the live stream …get alive ????

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