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  1. Bonsoir j’aime bien les nouvel de stlucie

  2. Liarnell shut up, what do you know about Soufriere and its cultural and social life of Soufriere.

  3. Bonsoir je veux recevoir des nouvel de st lucie merci

  4. Let the Allen Michael Chestnut Brain Circus begin….OMG

  5. what do you suggest mr chastanet? Another airline? What ever happened to EC Express some years ago and the so called Caricom Airways which never got off the ground. It’s clear that you expertise does not lie in aviation. Please leave it to the experts.

  6. Kester – Just shut up and adjust your first sentence.

  7. We not to ever change and destroy the EC currency.

  8. St. Lucians wanted change, they get change. Can you believe Timothy P said on News spin yesterday June 20, 2016, that there is a change in the price of fuel. Prior to June 6, 2016 Timothy use to say there is an increase in the price of fuel now there is a change, take the change and run with it to the bank. Timothy please listen to yourself. Increase is out of Tim’s vocabulary, his party is the change he wanted. All the fire he had prior to June 6 is extinguished. pli ta kai pli twis

  9. Kenny D. Anthony ✓

    Has jade brown came back sorry jade brown i did not expect us to lose so tell hts i said helow <3 🙂 🙂

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