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National Trust Alarmed By DSH Project

The St. Lucia national trust will host its first quarterly membership meeting of 2017 and its being billed as a very important gathering.
The trust is urging its members as well as concerned members of the public to attend.
Officials are expected to discuss some of the most pressing environment issues of the day, including the Mankote’ mangroves in light of the DSH project, a proposed dolphin park for the north and the planned causeway to the Maria Islands.

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  1. When this man Chastanet finishes with St Lucia it will be right there in our eyes and we won’t see it: its identity will be lost forever. For Chastanet the country is a toy and is to be treated as such. There is a reason why the Island is in the hands of a trust. This man should be reported to united nations’ division dealing with protected and endangered species with haste before its too late.

  2. This is just F@CKING NUTS !!!!!

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