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Blind Welfare Association On The Brink

After serving the blind and visually impaired for almost half a century, the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association is facing the grim reality of closure. Executive director Anthony Avril says years of financial difficulty and dwindling support have reached a peak. He says in the absence of a new wave …

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Lambirds 4 Back In Court

The Lambirds 4 human trafficking case has been adjourned once again. But their Defense lawyer is citing gross human rights violations against his clients. Miguel Fevrier sat in at the first district court in Anse La Raye and filed this report.

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Mango Cooking Competition

The forestry department has brought the curtains down on a cooking competition with a difference. The challenge took the form of a one-week cooking camp. The main ingredient in the week’s dishes was mango. Organizers say the goal was to encourage food and nutrition students to use more locally grown …

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NWU Holds Industrial Forum

The National Workers Union (NWU) is continuing its education drive for members. On Thursday July 20th, the union held a one-day industrial forum for 38 members, representing 36 of its branches. Union representatives say the goal is to educate members on various aspects of trade unionism.

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Massy Responds to Viral ‘Fake Cheese’ Video

Response to WhatsApp Video We’ve seen a video, now in circulation via WhatsApp, showing a customer making claims that cheese purchased from one of our stores is not fit for consumption.  We don’t take these types of claims lightly and while we do not manufacture the products we sell, we …

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